Why Choose Terrapin?


Why Choose Terrapin Tours? 

In the event that we cancel or reschedule a tour, all registered passengers are offered a full refund and we do not withhold any administrative fees.  Rest assured that all passenger payments are held in a separate holding account, and are not used for operating expenses. Funds are available to provide full refunds to passengers in the event that we cancel a tour. 

More reasons to choose Terrapin Tours....

Traveling with Terrapin Tours takes the stress out of travel!  Let us worry about the details while you enjoy your tour. We know that you have choices when it comes to traveling, but we also think that we have the best tours departing from New Hampshire, and why we have a tremendous repeat client base.   Read below to learn more about our policies and travel philosophy.

Quality & Value. We may not be the least expensive, because that isn’t our goal. Our goal is to create the best tour that we can at a fair price. Quality meals; hotels in central locations; the right mix of free time and planned activities; a friendly, professional Tour Director on all tours; luxury motor coaches and courteous, professional drivers from Premier Coach.

  • All multi-night tour departures will have a MAXIMUM of 36 passengers (or less! Refer to individual tour brochures for more information on group size).
  • Optional Group Travel Protection Plans are offered on multi-day tours, and we offer a Cancel for Credit option on our day tours. Passengers must opt-in OR decline the protection at the time of reservation.
  • Safety and comfort!  We partner with Premier Coach for our transportation needs. Having been in business for over 25 years, Premier Coach has an excellent safety record, luxury motorcoaches, and highly-trained, professional drivers. This is an area where other companies may be willing to cut costs, but we will not.
  • We use quality hotels in safe areas.  If we are traveling all the way to Savannah, Nashville or Mackinac Island, we are most definitely going to stay in a landmark, high quality, centrally located hotel.  We are not going to skimp on cost and stay in a hotel miles away from the action! And we certainly aren't going to use low cost hotels in questionable areas... ever.
  • Our itineraries focus on an equal share of planned activities and free time that allows travelers to meet new friends while having the flexibility to explore on their own. Old school bus tours are out! See below for more on this philosophy.
  • Friendly, professional Tour Directors on every trip - this is not a tour led by the driver or by a volunteer - we have a knowledgeable, professional tour director on every trip.  We are here to make sure that you feel safe , that you have information about the destinations you are visiting,  provide assistance with planning your free time and have an emergency contact at all times.
  • Limited Tour Size! We have never been the type of company to fill every seat on the bus, we think that it is better to have a little extra room – especially on the longer tours. If you have ever been on trips where every single seat is taken, you know that it can be uncomfortable. And now, we have limited the group size on our tours even further.
  • Because we appreciate your business!  As a special THANK YOU to our top travelers each, we offer the Turtle Trax  Program which provides exclusive benefits and an invitation to our annual Customer Appreciation Party.

Join us as we travel together in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the journey and take the time to "stop and smell the roses" along the way. Our itineraries focus on an equal share of planned activities and free time that allows travelers to meet new friends while having the flexibility to explore on their own.

Let’s face it - there is a pre-conceived notion about what it means to go on a bus tour.  Those who haven’t been on a tour (or have been on a bad one) envision being dragged from one attraction to another in a herded mass, trapped on a bus with a bunch of grumpy people, and being kept on a strict time schedule with limited, if any, free time each day. Terrapin Tours is doing everything possible to change how bus tours are perceived and how they operate.

IT’S A NEW AGE! What makes our tours different? We realize that today’s seniors are different than past generations and understanding that difference is helping Terrapin Tours cater to the new group traveler.   Today’s seniors are more active, more adventurous, and are savvier when it comes to travel.  We know that traveling is a great way to stay active and to continue learning later in life – there are so many benefits of traveling and there is no reason to stop just because you no longer drive or want to travel on your own.  Going on a group tour is a great solution, but that shouldn’t mean being treated like you can’t spend an hour on your own or that you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

LESS HO-HUM, MORE FUN! At Terrapin Tours, we like to have fun and we are on a mission to demolish the pre-conceived notion of the dreaded bus tour.  From years of traveling on tours as a passenger and leading my own tours, I have learned that if everyone is on the same mission to have fun on a tour, nothing is going to stop them. You can’t control the weather and you can’t control traffic - and sometimes even the best plans don’t pan out as expected – which means that things don’t always go as planned.  As the saying goes “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade”… well, we feel like having the right attitude equates to bringing a cup of sugar to sweeten up the lemonade!  After all, life is an adventure so let’s have fun while we are on the journey.

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