Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I sign up for a tour?
A: You can register for upcoming tours online, by calling us at 603-348-7141 or email

Q: Do I need to register ahead of time, or can I meet the bus the day of departure if there are seats available?
A:  You MUST register ahead of time, we do not have the ability to add additional passengers to the tour on the day of departure.  You can register for upcoming tours online, by calling us at 603-348-7141 or email

Q: When will I get my tour documents?
A: Final tour documents including luggage tags, final departure information, parking directions and additional tips are sent approx. 3 weeks prior to the tour departure. If you haven't received them within that time frame, please call. If you have questions before then, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Where will the tours start? What departure locations are being used?
A: All tours depart from Concord, NH.  We depart from the Clinton Street Park & Ride (which is Exit 2 off I-89).  We do not offer additional pick up locations.   PLEASE refer to your tour documents to confirm departure time and location. 

Q: Is there parking at the departure location?
A: Parking is available at the departure location, and is at your own risk. Terrapin Tours is not responsible for vehicles or personal items left in vehicles while parked at the departure point. Please note that there are no facilities at the Park & Ride location, please plan accordingly. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy? What happens if I need to cancel my trip, will I get my money back?
A: Please view individual tour brochures for payment and cancellation policies. We highly recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance or trip cancellation protection.  

Q: What happens if Terrapin Tours cancels a trip, will I get my money back?
A: If Terrapin Tours cancels a tour due to reasons within our control, including, but not limited to; lack of passenger registrations, or a decision to remove a tour from our tour calendar, all registered passengers at the time of cancellation will be given a full refund. In the event that we must cancel a tour, or if the cancellation happens en-route to our destination,  due to reasons out of our control, including, but not limited to; natural disasters, severe weather, strikes, failure of our contracted vendors to provide services, and government shutdowns; and we are able to reschedule the tour,  we reserve the right to offer a travel credit that can be applied to a future tour.  

Q: What are my Travel Insurance/Trip Cancellation Protection options? Is it offered through Terrapin Tours?
A: Travelers are encouraged to consider purchasing travel insurance or trip cancellation protection. There are individual plan options offered through a variety of vendors or you can opt to participate in a group plan offered by Terrapin Tours through Allianz Travel on applicable tours.  See the individual tour brochure or contact us for more information. 

Q: What is included in the tour price? What is not?
A: Each tour's price as published on its brochure includes all nightly accommodations while on tour, meals as noted on the brochure (including taxes and gratuities for meals), admission/entry fees for all noted group excursions and group activities included in the tour highlights, luxury, roundtrip motorcoach transportation from our departure point, and a professional Tour Director.

Items that are not included in the tour price are expenses of a personal nature (ie souvenirs or activities participated in during free time), meals not listed on the tour brochure, as well as gratuities for your Driver (recommended amount $4-$6 per person/per day),  Tour Director ($6-$8 per person/per day),  any local guides (recommended $2-3 per person), and housekeeping staff are not included in your package.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
We request that payments are made by check, payable to “Terrapin Tours” and mailed to: PO Box 111 N. Woodstock, NH 03262.  Credit cards are accepted and are subject to a 3% surcharge.

Q: What motorcoach company do you use?
A: We primarily use Premier Coach. Having been in business for over 25 years, Premier Coach has an excellent safety record, luxury motorcoaches, and highly-trained, professional drivers.

Q: What amenities are available on the bus? Does it have wifi?
A: Our motorcoach is equipped with complimentary WiFi access (except while in Canada), electrical outlets at each seat, and a restroom on board (frequent rest stops are made to limit the need to use the restroom on board).  Reminder: Please bring headphones or earbuds to use with your electronic devices.

Q: What is your seating policy on the bus?
A: Terrapin Tours follows an open seating policy. We ask that traveling companions, or those sharing a room, sit together. Those registered as single travelers are not guaranteed an unoccupied seat next to them. Seats are not assigned, nor can they be requested for reasons such as preferred seating location, motion sickness, etc. We recommend that if you are prone to motion sickness that you look into over-the-counter treatments including non-drowsy medication or bracelets that may alleviate your symptoms.  Passengers are asked to rotate seats daily. 

Q: I have heard about Turtle Trax... what is that?
A: Our Turtle Trax Club is a way to thank our top travelers each year and to show our appreciation for their continued support.  You can learn more on the Turtle Trax page.

Q: How will I know about new tours that are added?
A: Additional trip details are being added on a regular basis. Please join our newsletter mailing list to receive updates as they become available.

Q: It seems like some of your tours are more expensive than other companies - why is that?
A: We know that it is often difficult to compare apples to apples when looking at your travel options.  Our goal is not to be the least expensive tour company or offer budget tours, Terrapin Tours offers a premium travel experience with limited group sizes, high quality accommodations and meals, and unique excursions and attractions. When deciding which company to travel with, keep in mind that the brochure price, overall cost, and value are not the same.  Look at the location and quality of accommodations, included meals, the amount of hours you will be riding on the bus each day, the amount of time you have at each destination, the group size, the included excursions or attractions, and most importantly the quality of the bus and tour director on board. All of these items add up to the overall value of a tour and why our tours stand out. To learn more about Terrapin Tours and why you should hop on the bus with us, check out our Why Choose Terrapin page.

Q: How do I contact you if I have more questions?
A: You can reach us at 603-348-7141 if you have more questions, or feel free to email us at We are happy to answer any questions that you have regarding upcoming tours.