Welcome to the Turtle Trax Page!

What is Turtle Trax?  We have created  the Turtle Trax Program as a way to show our appreciation for the continued support of our loyal customers.

  • First and foremost, it is a way to THANK OUR TOP TRAVELERS and to provide EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS for the top travelers each year.
  • Each year, we create a list of our top travelers -  typically those that have traveled a week or more in the calendar year (in one trip or combined number of days for all trips they have taken over the year), and those that traveled 12+ days in the previous year (the number of travel days is subject to change each year in order to keep the list to roughly the top 10% of travelers).
  • Another reason for you to to choose Terrapin Tours!

Those top travelers enjoy the benefits of the Turtle Trax program: 

  • First dibs on new tours before they are announced to the general public.
  • An invitation to the Turtle Trax Customer Appreciation party each year - a luncheon where they can enjoy the company of fellow travelers.
  • The first glimpse of next's years tours during the tour preview at the Turtle Trax party.

Here's a few photos of previous Turtle Trax Customer Appreciation Party: